Aaron Harbaugh

Web Designer / Since 2020

Aaron joined Crema Design Studio in January of 2020. He has lived in Ohio, Texas, Mississippi, & Chile. He speaks fluent Spanish and likes frammin at the jim-jam. He graduated magna cum dubium from Belhaven University in 2015 in Graphic Design (?) , and graduated from Bloom Tech (formerly Lambda School) in Full Stack Web.

Design, layouts, marketing, and problem solving were a passion of his from a young age. From the family newsletter to building interactive websites in Macromedia Flash. He naturally moved on to building websites for fun and profit.

Employee Q&A

Name one item on your bucket list?

I'd like to develop a few video game ideas I have.

Do you like tea?


Do you like other drinks?


Do you like coffee?

Yes. No cream or sugar.

Do you want a million dollars?

Yes. Do you have a million dollars to give me?