Crema Design Studio

What's Our Story?


A love of coffee inspired the name of a design studio!

What does coffee have to do with design? The word "crema" refers to the top layer of a fresh shot of espresso. When a shot of espresso is extracted, you can look at that top layer (the crema) and immediately make several assumptions about the flavor. Instantly you can discern if that coffee is bitter, weak, or just right!

Your company's marketing is much like that crema. The public makes many assumptions of your company based off of the image you project. Even if your company is awesome, you may never get a chance to prove it if your "crema" is bad!

Our goal is to help customers better present themselves and their message to the public.

Why choose Crema?

A small design studio like Crema can still be very affordable, while providing you with the benefits of a much larger studio. We believe that here at Crema, you'll always get the best bang-for-your-buck.


You can consider Crema to be the happy medium between full-blown, high-dollar agencies and those often unpredictable freelancers. We can give you a quote on an individual project, like a logo or web site, or we can structure an affordable monthly flat-rate package to handle all your marketing needs.


We believe in exceptional service at an affordable price. We have first-hand experience running a customer-focused retail business (Fusion Coffeehouse), so we know how important customer service is.


We're well-versed in all the design tools and are ALWAYS learning. We've designed websites (including eCommerce sites), brochures, billboards, logos, trade-show displays, vehicle wraps, and more.

Move to the next level!

The point of good marketing is to (a) make people aware of your company, (b) leave a positive lasting impression about your company, and (c) make your company more profitable.

The bottom line is we're here to help make your business more attractive, more memorable, and more profitable!