About Crema

A lean, mean creative machine!


Crema Design Studio is a little different than some of the creative agencies out there. First of all we're not a full-service advertising agency, and we don't want to be. Sure, there is a time and place for big agencies, but most businesses can't afford to pay for the many layers that come with agencies. Our entire staff is made up of creatives, so you won't be getting billed for Account Executives, Strategists, and Supervisors.

We're also different than many of the small creative firms out there. The hot trend these days in the creative world is to outsource a network of freelancers rather than hire full-time staff members. Those freelancers might be scattered all over the country (or even across the globe). But at Crema our creative staff is made up of full-time team members, all working in the same studio. We believe in the power of a creative team collaborating on the same work. Not only does this result in superior work, but it also allows us to maintain brand consistency for our clients.

Designing since 1999

Crema evolved out of the solo freelance career of founder Tripp Douglas, which began in 1999. After about 10 years of successful growth, the time came to expand the business beyond the one-man-show. Crema Design Studio was formed in 2010, and we have continued to grow our staff and expand our expertise ever since.


Coffee, Caffeine, and Creativity

Crema is closely linked with Fusion Coffeehouse (also owned by Tripp Douglas). Aside from providing an unlimited supply of caffeine to fuel our creativity, the relationship provides a unique strategic advantage for Crema. Very few creative types know what it's like to actually run a business (especially a high volume retail business). This "real world" insight helps keep us grounded and results-minded.