Gretchen Wiswell

Assistant Brand Manager / Since 2019

Gretchen joined the Crema team in August 2019. Originally from Wichita, KS she graduated in 2012 from Friends University in Wichita with degrees in both Communications and Ballet. Prior to working at Crema, she worked as a Tour Director and the Social Media Manager for Ballet Magnificat in Jackson, MS. She managed both the logistical scheduling of tours and performances, as well as the traditional and digital marketing platforms for the company from print ads and press releases to social media.

Employee Q&A

Name one item on your bucket list?

I want to visit every continent at least once in my life. know except for Antarctica.

Who is your favorite fictional character, and why?

Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation), She works hard, keeps a good attitude, loves her friends, and stands up for herself! The ultimate in girl power.

Who is someone you admire and why?

Corrie Ten Boom. She was a Dutch woman who lived through World War II. She hid her jewish neighbors from the Nazi regime and ultimately was arrested and sent to a camp for it. Her willingness to sacrifice herself for others and her ability to forgive is something I really value. I've been to her house in the Netherlands and it was so special for me.

What do you do with friends in your spare time?

We go from one extreme to another. I love traveling and you'll be just as likely to find us on some crazy adventure as you would be to find us eating ice cream and watching Netflix.