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Tyler Douglas

Brand Manager
Since May 01, 2012


I’m a marketing professional with over 9 years of combined experience in brand creation, targeted internet advertising, public relations, and social media marketing. Over the last several years, I’ve helped expand Crema’s growing list of services with motion graphics and video animation.

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A few projects I've worked on

Description Date
NPL Beacon Video Sep 15, 2018
GB Bakery Social Media Jun 20, 2018
Georgia Blue Social Media Aug 23, 2017
Walnut Hills Social Media Mar 28, 2017
Fusion Social Media Mar 28, 2017
MWG Senior Services Video Mar 24, 2017
Most Interesting Agent Video Aug 01, 2016
Dental & Vision Consumer Video Jun 01, 2016
Circle 7 Social Media Jan 01, 2015